Post Run Breakfasts

After running/working out, the body needs protein and carbohydrates. I try to eat within 30 minutes, so I want things that are quick and will help me recover. These are my favorite post run breakfasts. Oh, and a lot of water.

English Muffin

Hard Boiled Eggs with Truffle Salt and Pepper

Strawberries and Raspberries

Black Coffee

Flat Bread

Scrambled Eggs


Salt and Pepper

Beet Microgreens

Kodiak Cakes

Greek Yogurt

Roasted Strawberry Jam

Fresh Strawberries

*Kodiak Cakes are packed with protein, 14 grams per serving using water with the mix, or 21 grams by using milk and an egg. As my long runs get longer, sometimes pancakes can be a bit softer on my stomach after gels/chew/etc.

Dave’s Killer Bread Bagel (12 grams of protein, 13 grams of whole grain)

Cheese omelette folded into a square

Hot sauce


Breakfast Tostada

©2020 Made By Mignonne.

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