Advent Calendar

This year we decided to create a custom advent calendar for our daughter. My husband and I loved the idea of a custom calendar, because we did not want to focus on candy or toys, but instead on experiences. Our daughter is so excited about Christmas, and we wanted to share all parts of the season, decorating the tree, shopping for gifts, baking cookies, time with family and friends, and also giving back to those in need. I created a simple advent calendar using coin envelopes and business cards from Paper Source.

I stamped the front with red snowflakes, then a reindeer and the number on the back. These are stamps I had and are no longer available, but there are lots of cute options. I also purchased small red clothespins. Our plan is to hang these from the ceiling each morning….she has been waking up before us, so we need to get crafty tonight.

  • December 1: The Nutcracker
  • December 2: Put up Christmas Tree
  • December 3: Movie Night, Noelle on Disney Plus
  • December 4: Gift shopping for Dad
  • December 5: Decorate Exterior

©2020 Made By Mignonne.

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