Bike Shorts

Today, I have had enough. Enough online shopping, enough deliveries, enough boxes, just enough. But I also want a pair of bike shorts. It’s summer, we are riding our bikes a lot and we have decided to get into rock climbing. Again, done with shopping, so I decided to remedy this myself with out shopping, deliveries or boxes.

  • Figure out your inseam. I went to Lululemon to see what they are doing. They currently have 6″, 8″ and 10″. I chose 8″.
  • Measure and cut your inseam. I cut at 9″. This will allow a 1″ fold.
  • Fold and pin.
  • Then I used a zig-zag stitch where the fabrics meet. I want to make sure that jersey will not roll up and create a line. The zigzag will also allow the threads to stretch.
  • Thats it. Super easy.
  • ©2020 Made By Mignonne.
Posted in diy

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